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Disc Golf Courses

Skyview Park Disc Golf Course

Installed in the fall of 2002 and now open to the public is an 18 hole Disc Golf course. There are two concrete tee pads per hole. Update!! There are now 3 concrete pads per hole. A new "C" tee pad has been added offering even more variety. The "A" pad is a recreational tee pad and the "B" & "C" pads are increasingly more challenging advanced tee pads. The course is using the Mach III pole hole. By the recreational tee pad is a sign with information about each individual hole. Scorecards with a course map are available at the Park Division office at 1010 South 8th Street, (402) 844-2250 or you may click on the scorecard link where you can print off a scorecard. The first hole is located on the east side of the playground area parking lot on the north side of the lake. The course works it way to the south side of the lake and then back to the north side to finish out the 18th hole. Check out this new form of recreation to the Norfolk area. The following website, , is Nebraska's premier site for Disc Golf and is worth looking at. Posted on this site is information about the Norfolk course.

River Run Disc Golf Course

New for Northeast Nebraska is the 19 hole disc golf course carved out of a wooded area in TaHaZouka Park along the Elkhorn River. The finishing touches of the first phase of the project (a complete 9 hole course) were done in March, 2006. We have been getting a lot of positive feedback about the new course which is heavily wooded and contrasts sharply with the more manicured Skyview Park course setting and interest appears to be high. This course has a single concrete tee placement and two basket placements per hole, to start with. A third placement per hole may be added at a later date. The baskets being used are Discraft Chainstars which are very similar to the high quality Mach III's. We feel we have built a challenging and fun Disc Golf course.

Below is a picture of the first phase of the course showing the original 9 holes. The series of pictures below follows the shot needed to complete hole #9.


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