Mayor's Message

Our immigrant founders wanted to call the place Nordfork, a German-styled compounding of “North Fork” – as in the North Fork of the Elkhorn River, on the banks of which the community was born.  The spelling, however, got lost in translation and came back “Norfolk” - as in England, or Virginia.  They lived with it, but residents still pronounce the “fork” part to this day.

Since inception, Norfolk has done things its own way, having to try a bit harder without the luxuries of an interstate system or nearby metro.  A spirit of self-determination fueled the community’s growth, in time becoming the trade and commerce center of northeast Nebraska and, today, one of Nebraska’s largest cities.

And we’re forging a new path into the future.  Norfolk’s on the move, driven by growth that prioritizes enhanced quality of life, natural resource-based amenities, an eclectic and evolving downtown district, safe neighborhoods, good schools, and work opportunities rooted in the new economy.

Others are taking note.  We hope you do too.  For residents, we hope you find our online platform a helpful way to engage; for newcomers, a hospitable welcome and introduction; and for visitors, a convenient guide to navigating your stay.