Miscellaneous Statistics


Date of Incorporation: September 12, 1881

Form of Government: Mayor/Council

Location: Northeast Nebraska

Elevation: 1,544

Area in square miles: 11.66

Average annual rain fall (inches): 25.15

Average annual snow fall (inches): 26.9

Average growing season (days): 153

Number of Employees (excluding police officers and firefighters)
  Full Time: 138
  Part Time: 13
  Seasonal: 110

City of Norfolk Facilities and Services
  Miles of Streets: 145.56

Parks and Recreation
     Number of Parks: 16
     Area of Parks in Acres: 429.8
     Swimming Pools: 2
     Tennis Courts: 5

Fire Protection
     Number of Stations: 2
     Number of Firefighters:
          Full Time: 30
          Reserve: 27

Police Protection
     Number of Stations: 1
     Number of Police Officers: 38

Water and Sewer Systems
     Number of Customers: 9,492
     Number of Water Treatment Plants: 2
     Number of Sewage Treatment Plants: 1
     Miles of Sanitary Sewers: 139
     Miles of Water Mains: 133

Number of Libraries: 1

Community Facilities and Services
        Number of schools
            Elementary: 7
            Junior High: 1
            Middle School: 1
            Senior High: 4
            College: 1
        Number of students
            Elementary: 2,213
            Middle/Junior/Senior High: 2,940
            Full time students: 2,094
            Part time students: 2,922
        Number of instructors
            Elementary/Middle/Junior/Senior High: 380
            College: 187
        Number of hospitals: 1
        Number of patient beds: 227