Budget Calendar

Mid/Late January              Council Retreat

Council priorities are identified and any large capital items associated therewith are included in the CIP.

Late January                      Issuance of Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) Instructions

Memo is sent to all divisions and department heads requesting CIP requests for next ten years

Early February                  Norfolk Planning Commission

Norfolk Planning Commission reviews the proposed Street Improvement Plan (the first six years of the Street
portion of the CIP) and amends as needed. 

Mid February                    Council Hearing on the Street Improvement Plan

Street Improvement Plan is approved and forwarded to the Nebraska Department of Roads by the March 1 due date.

Mid March                        Departmental CIP Submittals

                                           Every department submits on each capital item request:

                                           (1)        description
                                           (2)        cost
                                           (3)        source of funding
                                           (4)        justification
                                           (5)        impact analysis
                                           (6)        construction period-if applicable

April                                   CIP Committee Review

Plans are drafted by the committee for the CIP.

Late April                          City Administrator’s Review

CIP plan is reviewed with the CIP committee.

Late April                          Issuance of Budget Instructions

Operational supplies and utilities cost variables for the upcoming budget year and cost-of-living assumption are included.  Each department or division is instructed to submit the budget in four service level options, two that reduce expenditures and services, after accounting for inflation, and two that either maintain or improve services.

May                                    Preparation of Revenue Projections and Departmental Budgets

 Expenditure requests are prepared in four levels:

(1)   Assumes a one percent increase in the amount of funding authorized in the prior year, which due to inflation is a reduction in real dollar terms.
(2)   Assumes a two percent increase in the amount of funding authorized in the prior year, which due to inflation is a reduction in real dollar terms.
(3) Assumes a three and one half percent increase over prior year authorized budget.
(4) Assumes a variable percentage increase between three and one half and six percent. 

Late May                           Revenue Projections and Departmental Submittals

Personnel, operations and maintenance, and capital outlay requests along with goals/objectives and impact analysis are submitted.

June                                  Balancing Process

Early July                          Long-term Financial Plan updates

The long-term financial plan is updated to reflect the budget. 

Mid July                            City Administrator Review Sessions

Each department head reviews their budget requests with the City Administrator

Late July                           Council Work Sessions

The Council reviews proposed budget, proposed CIP, and the long-term financial plan in work sessions.

August 1                            Political Subdivisions submit Requests

Preliminary requests for levy allocations to subdivisions presented to City Council.

Early August                      Town Hall Meeting

The Mayor and Council hold a town hall meeting to solicit citizen comments on the budget and long-term financial plan including the CIP.

Early August                      Planning Commission Review of CIP

Planning Commission forwards their recommendation to the City Council. 

Early August                      Proposed Budgets

Placed on the City’s Web Site for Citizen Review

Mid August                        Property Tax Relief Assurance/Budget Limitation Compliance Review Committee

Review the proposed budget for use of sales tax for property tax relief and compliance with lid law. They issue a report to the City Council.

August 20                          Deadline for Certification of the Current Value of Taxable Property

The County Assessor certifies the current taxable value of the taxable property subject to the applicable levy.

Late August                       Budgets Distributed

Budget books are compiled and distributed to Mayor, City Council, Department and Division managers. Summary budget booklets are also distributed to the Mayor and City Council as well as other entities and citizens upon request and available at the budget hearing. 

September 1                      Final Allocation for Public Subdivisions

City Council determines final levy authority for subdivisions. 

Early September                Proposed Budget and CIP Filed with City Clerk and Public Hearing

Notice published at least five days prior to hearing.

Citizen’s comments are obtained and reviewed.

Early September                Adoption of Final Budget and CIP

Appropriations ordinance approved and submission of State forms.  Ordinances require three readings unless the rules are suspended by super-majority vote.

September 10                    County Clerk sets Preliminary Property Tax Rate

Rates are set for each public subdivision by applying the prior year property tax request to the new valuation.

September 15                     Preliminary Property Tax Rates Published in Newspaper

September 20                     Deadline for County and State to receive Approved Budget

October 1                            Fiscal Year Begins

October 13                          Property Tax Levy Adopted by County Board

Prior to this, the City Council may change the property tax levy from the preliminary rate by a majority vote of the Council after a special public hearing.