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City of Norfolk Tree Bud Program Gets Boost from a Local Business

Throughout the month of July, District Table & Tap Bar and Restaurant has donated $1 from every pint of any Divots beer sold Monday through Thursday to the City of Norfolk’s Tree Bud Program. “It’s very encouraging to see our small businesses stepping up to improve our entire community. We thank District Table & Tap for helping us enhance and advance the beautification of Norfolk by placing more trees in public spaces for the benefit of all our citizens,” said Mayor Moenning.

 District Table & Tap saw this as an opportunity to help the community in more than one way. Andrew McCarthy, owner of District Table & Tap, stated “We at District just wanted to show our support for local businesses in the same way the community supported us during the recent tough times and COVID restrictions. We decided to purchase more beer than normal from our amazing local brewery, Divots Brewery, and chose to donate the money to help beautify Norfolk in a way to give back. The program has been quite successful to this point and has been a benefit to different parts of the community. Customers tried some new beers that they loved, the Tree Bud Program will have some funding for future projects, and we got to support an amazing local brewery.” Although District Table & Tap is performing the donation, this was not just a one-sided contribution. “Teaming up with a great beer partner for a cause that means a lot to me was a no brainer," expressed Jeremy Kirby with Divots Brewery. He added, “We were more than happy to partner with District Table & Tap in this effort and are excited to see the final numbers.”

 Instituted in 2015, the Norfolk Tree Bud program allows utility customers to give an additional $2 on each water bill to purchase, plant and care for trees in Norfolk on city owned or controlled property. For more information please visit,