Communications Office

Concrete Improvements Project

The City of Norfolk has compiled a list of areas needing concrete repairs. These repairs are scheduled to begin mid to late the week of September 20, 2021. Detours may be required in some of the areas listed below.

 Projects will be completed one at a time and are listed in order from first project to last:

  • Woodcrest from East Maple Ave to East Sycamore Ave
  • Monroe Ave from 15th Street to 16th Street
  • Taylor Ave from Market Lane to 25th Street
  • Hillview Drive from College View Drive to Sheridan Drive
  • Monroe Ave from 1st Street to WPC entrance
  • 18th Street from Bel Air Road to Imperial Road (Summer 2022)

 Please contact Dean Roberg, Engineering Division, at 402-844-2020 with any questions.