Communications Office

Help Locate Potholes


Spring is finally here and pot holes are popping up around the city. The Street Division is already hard at work locating and filling. They are asking for citizens’ assistance locating them around the city.

Potholes are commonly seen in the spring due to the expansion and contraction of ground water after it has entered into a crack or the ground underneath a roadway. When the water freezes it expands, creating holes in the driving surface. Considering the aftermath of the flood and our winter season, many new holes will continue to pop up.

If you notice potholes within city limits you are encouraged to report them.

“Pothole season is in full force, and street crews are out scouting and filling,” said Mayor Josh Moenning. “Citizens can help by reporting potholes by calling 402-844-2180 or by filing a report on our website: by clicking on the “Pothole and Street Problem Report Form.””

When notifying the Street crews about a pothole, bump, or other street surface repair please include a house address or a description of the location to help the crews locate the exact spot that needs to be repaired.