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Water Pollution Control Plant Recent Odor Response

The City of Norfolk Water Pollution Control Plant has encountered odor challenges in recent weeks. This has been caused by heavy industrial loading over the past few months and harsh cold temperatures throughout January. 

Not only have these conditions adversely affected the biological treatment processes at the plant, but the extreme cold has also impacted the peroxide system, which plays a crucial role in odor control. Fortunately, the peroxide system is now back online and is expected to alleviate some of the odor issues, all while the biological treatment systems recover.

While the plant undergoes recovery, there may still be lingering odors over the next few weeks. Our dedicated staff has been collaborating with our local industries to mitigate loading issues and address odor concerns at the facility. 

We appreciate your understanding as we work towards resolving these issues and improving the overall environmental conditions in the area. If you have any questions, please contact the Water Pollution Control Plant at 402-844-2220.