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Work Coming Along on North Fork Project

Left to right: Pat Boyle, Tony Emme, John Prouty, Todd Waldera- General Manager of Spencer Quarries, Richard Sweetman- co-owner of Spencer Quarries, & Steve Rames


Work continues on the North Fork Riverfront Project, with four of the eight drop structures substantially completed. Todd Waldera and Richard Sweetman designed special blasting techniques to achieve the specific sizes of rock needed for the project. RiverWise Engineering, the contractor for the project, visited the quarry in Spencer, South Dakota to pick the exact sizes they desired. John Prouty Construction is the rock supplier for the project, and about half of the total rocks have been delivered to date, with the rest set to arrive after the start of the First Street Bridge construction. All of the rocks have been produced at the quarry. The final sixteen rocks to be delivered each weigh between 60,000 and 70,000 pounds and will be placed in the pool below each of the eight structures.