Fire Division

Promotions at Norfolk Fire

The Norfolk Fire Division underwent transition in keys roles in 2022 and 2023.  In 2022 Fire Marshal Sean Lindgren was sworn in following the retirement of long time Fire Marshal Terry Zwiebel. Fire Chief Tim Wragge handled the swearing in ceremony while outgoing Fire Marshal Terry Zwiebel pinned Sean's new badge on him.

Pictured left to right: Sean Lindgren, Tim Wragge, Terry Zwiebel


Long time Health Official John Kouba also retired in 2022. Lou Siefker and Adam Smith both held the newly named role of Code Compliance Official for a period of time prior to Caskey Caskey being named to the position on September of 2023.


Right: A USA flag was flown on John's last day in honor of his career with Norfolk Fire Division.

Left: John addressed a crowd at Fire Station 1 during his farewell potluck.




In July of 2023 C-Shift Fire Lieutenant Bob Nelson retired after 35 years of service. As a result, Sam Funk was promoted to C-Shift Lieutenant following a competitive process.


Pictured: LEFT: Bob Nelson and his shift lowering a flag flown for Bob on his last shift at NFD celebrating his career. RIGHT: Sam Funk and C-Shift Captain Landon Grothe following Sam's promotion ceremony.