Planning and Development

2023 Conditional Use Permits

Date Approved Resolution # Issued to Use Map of Property (300' contact list w/ affected property crosshatched)
03/07/2023 2023PC-1 Park Mobile Home Court MHC, LLC RV Campground 915 Bonita Drive
03/07/2023 2023PC-2 The Women's Empowering Life Line, Inc. Daycare center 600 N. 12th Street
03/07/2023 2023PC-3 Flatrock Group, LLC Farming & construction equipment sales Southwest corner of Hwy 275 & S. 40th Street
06/06/2023 2023PC-4 Matteo Sand & Gravel, Inc. Mining of sand and gravel 2410 N. Airport Road
07/18/2023 2023PC-5 Pal Properties, LLC Storage and warehousing of non-hazardous materials 1906 W. Omaha Avenue
08/22/2023 2023PC-6 Bernard G. Wrede and Carol J. Wrede, Trustees of the Bernard & Carol Wrede Living Trust Storage Facility 1806 E. Omaha Avenue
09/19/2023 2023PC-7 Guaranteed Landscaping & Sprinklers, LLC Landscaping Contract Service 3705 S. 13th St.
10/03/2023 2023PC-8 Conover Properties, LLC. Operate a drive-thru Northwest of the intersection of West Madison Avenue and South 3rd Street
12/08/2023 2023PC-9 Benjamin and Sarah Conover Oversize accessory building 2403 Timber Meadows Lane
01/03/2024 2023PC-10 Tristan Hartzell Exceed maximum building height 3402 Rolling Hills Drive