Planning and Development

2012 Conditional Use Permits


Date Issued to Use Map of Property
(300' contact list w/affected property crosshatched)
2/23/2012 Bruce Strong Caretaker 1603 S. Channel Road
3/12/2012 Precision Components Machine shop 315 S. 1st Street
3/23/2012 Norfolk Funeral Home, dba Stonacek Funeral Chapel Funeral Home 1200 N. 13th Street
4/06/2012 Brad & Kristie Love Dwelling on 2nd floor 108 W. Norfolk Avenue
4/06/2012 Karla Frey Dwelling on 2nd floor 131 W. Norfolk Avenue
4/20/2012 Larry and Lori Classen Expand accessory bldg 3407 S. Birch
5/24/2012 Robert Boeckman Accessory bldg. 1601 Cedar Ridge Rd
6/14/12 Zach & Liz Sudbeck  Pre school 600 N. 12th Street
7/20/2012 W. Theisen Soil extraction E. of Victory Rd & Eisenhower
7/20/2012 Scrap Mart Salvage yard E. of Victory Rd & Eisenhower
7/20/2012 Rescind 2011-3 Theisen storage   E. of Victory Rd & Eisenhower
8/08/2012 Alter Corporation Salvage yard w/shredder 500 Washington Ave.
10/05/12 Brian Gibbs Indoor storage 1500 Riverside Blvd.
12/07/12 David B. Johnson Expand accessory bldg 709A E. Norfolk Ave.