Planning and Development

2020 Conditional Use Permits

Date Approved Resolution # Issued to Use Map of Property
(300'contact list w/ affected property crosshatched)
3/03/2020 2020PC-1 Norfolk Solar, LLC Operate a solar farm electric generation facility 301 South 49th Street
4/07/2020 2020PC-2 Evolve Training Co Athletic Club 1712 Square Turn Boulevard
4/07/2020 2020PC-3 John & April Laskowski Secondary dwelling in detached accessory 1200 Kelland Drive
4/07/2020 2020PC-4 LOUP: A Union Pacific Logistics Company Wind distribution center 1691 S. 25th Street
4/07/2020 2020PC-5 Ewin Properties, LLC RV storage facility  915 Bonita Drive
5/19/2020 2020PC-6 RDO Truck Center Co. Truck and trailer service and repairs 1305 South Elkhorn Street
5/19/2020 2020PC-7 Western Engineering Company, Inc. Temporary asphalt hot-mix facility 2101 E. Eisenhower Ave & approximately 3/4 mile east of the intersection of N. Victory Rd. and E. Eisenhower Ave.
7/21/2020 2020PC-9 Arnold & Julie Robinson Horses, a stable and riding track 2832 North 25th Street
9/22/2020 2020PC-10 Norfolk Ambulance Service Ambulance services 1322 Andrews Drive
9/22/2020 2020PC-11 Keenan M. Lewis Oversize accessory building 1701 E. Norfolk Avenue
10/06/2020 2020PC-12 Daniel E. & Connie J. Geary Oversize accessory building 1701 N. 13th Street
11/17/2020 2020PC-14 Mark P. & Susan A. Cooper Oversize accessory building 607 E. South Airport Road
11/17/2020 2020PC-15 South 49th 013445 SCS Norfolk, LLC Solar farm with battery storage 301 S. 49th Street