3D Printer

A 3D Printer uses plastic filament, which it melts and extrudes through a tiny nozzle, to build and create 3D objects. Users can download existing design files or create their own designs to create custom projects. 3D Printer projects can range from printing a replacement part for a piece of equipment, to printing out a custom keychain, to designing a prototype for a new product.  

Users of the 3D Printer must be 18 years old and complete the certification course in order to use the 3D Printer without supervision. Users ages 12-17 may use the 3D Printer after completing the certification course, but must be supervised by an adult who has also completed the certification course. The certification course includes a video class, an online test, and an in-person safety orientation. See below to start the process!

  1. First, watch the 3D Printer Video Class 
  2. Second, take the 3D Printer Online Test 
  3. Finally, schedule your in-person safety orientation 

Printer Specs

  • Brand: MakerBot Replicator +
  • Print Technology: Fused deposition modeling
  • Maximum build volume: 11.6" L x 7.6" W x 6.5" H.
  • Layer Resolution: 100 microns
  • Material Used: MakerBot PLA Material (provided by the library in a variety of colors)
  • File type compatibility: ".stl" files are compatible with the MakerBot 

Other Resources and Helpful Info

 The 3D Printer was purchased with funds from the City of Norfolk and a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act as administered by the Nebraska Library Commission.