AccuCut Die Machine

An AccuCut Die Machine uses rollers and patterned dies to cut out shapes, letters, and designs on a variety of materials. You can cut multiples of the same shape at one time and get neat results quicker than hand-cutting. Most materials that can be cut with household scissors (like cardstock, foam, and felt) can be used in the AccuCut. This is a fun tool to use for craft projects, handmade gifts and cards, bulletin boards, and seasonal decorations.  

There is no certification class necessary to use the AccuCut. Instructions are provided in the MakerSpace and tutorials are provided below.  

Any user under age 16 must be supervised by a responsible party at least 18 years old.

 Important Information on using the AccuCut

 Machine Specs

  • Brand: AccuCut Mark IV
  • Size: 12" roller tray accommodates many sizes of dies

Other Resources and Helpful Info

The AccuCut was purchased with funds from the Norfolk Library Foundation.