Landscape Master Plan

The City of Norfolk has begun design for a Landscape Master Plan for the beautification of the Highway 81 and Highway 275 corridors. 

The City of Norfolk first initiated the Landscape Master Plan Study in 2009, when it was presented to the Mayor and City Council at their May 11, 2009 work session. The plan is funded through the City's Capital Projects budget, and recommends landscape improvements and design guidelines to enhance the appearance of major roadway corridors in the city. The goal of the Landscape Master Plan is to improve the appearance of streets, to create traffic calming or slowing of traffic, and to promote business/economic development.

The design process includes an analysis of each corridor, dividing them into distinct sections based on the amount of right-of-way available, paved surfaces & green space, and existing land uses. 

Based on this analysis, five key areas were studied further and concept designs were developed for each one, including sculpture, banners, light elements, seating, specialty pavement, planters and landscaping.

We need your input for the designs. Please review each study area, rank the proposed design elements, and share any comments you may have.

Highway 275 and Highway 81 Landscape Master Plan 

2009 Landscape Master Plan