Multimodal Transportation Action Plan (SS4A)

Project Overview:

The City of Norfolk is currently requesting proposals from qualified consultants to create a Comprehensive Safety Action Plan.  The goal of this Action Plan is to develop a holistic, well-defined strategy to prevent roadway fatalities and serious injuries in a locality, Tribe, or region.  By development the area's first comprehensive safety action plan, we will commit to providing a framework of innovative strategies and implementation actions that will ensure crash reductions and support federal safety initiatives.

Project Schedule:

  • Draft Action Plan Spring 2024

  • Completed Action Plan Summer 2024

  • Adopted Action Plan Fall 2024

  • SS4A Final Report Fall 2024

Project Funding:

This project is a result of a grant awarded to the City by the US Department of Transportation's Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) grant and provides funding for professional services to create a Safety Action Plan.  An Action Plan is the foundation of the SS4A grant program.  Action Plan Grants provide Federal funds to eligible applicants to develop or complete an Action Plan.  

Community Meetings:

Community Stakeholders will be invited to participate in a public engagement strategy session after an engineering firm is selected.  

Project Documents and Images:

Contact for Further Information:

Anna Allen
Assistant City Engineer