Project Overview:

The goal of the South Norfolk Revitalization is to discuss priority areas for improving South Norfolk, identify tools and strategies for implementation, communicate programs, and unify the district. This project will also explore the feasibility of a business improvement district (BID) for South Norfolk and identify project priorities for the BID if this option is determined to be desirable.

What Will the Project Process Include?

Stakeholder Outreach & Participation
Strengths Weakness Opportunities Threats Analysis
Discuss Goals of the District
Evaluate Tools and Strategies to Accomplish Goals


February 24 – The Eagles Club

  • Introductory Meeting, conduct Strengths Weakness Opportunities Threats Analysis, wants/needs brainstorming.

March 31 – The Mint Bar

  • Brownfield Revitalization Review, Strengths Weakness Opportunities Threats Analysis Review, and boundary discussion.

April 28 – The Mint Bar

  • Overview of infrastructure, trail system, and wayfinding

June 30 – Jakes Bar

  • Overview of housing rehabilitation program, tree program, mural process, and review of potential action steps.

Project Documents:

South Norfolk Strengths Weakness Opportunities Threats Analysis 

South Norfolk Revitalization Next Steps

South Norfolk Revitalization Meeting Recap