Community Driven Street Improvements

Project Overview:

The City of Norfolk has specified an additional $2,500,000 in street repairs for FY 2024 and FY 2025 totaling $5,000,000 in additional street repair funding.  To aid the City in prioritizing street repairs, the community is being asked to participate in a street repair needs survey.


There are two methods of participating in this survey.  First is an online survey which allows you to complete and submit the survey.  See the "Online Survey" link below.  Second is a printable form with instructions that you can select and print off and return or mail to the City.  See the "Printable Survey" link below.  You may also pick up a survey form at the City Library, fill it out, and place it in the survey response box located in the library.

If you are mailing your survey, mail completed surveys to:
Norfolk Street Repair Survey
Attn:  Engineering Division
309 N. 5th Street
Norfolk, NE  68701

The survey includes seventy-three (73) sections of city streets identified for potential repairs.  

The community will have three weeks to submit their top fifteen priorities.  Community input will be summarized in October of 2023 and repairs will be prioritized based on the community input.

A final prioritized list of repairs totaling $5,000,000 will be presented to the City Council Infrastructure Subcommittee for review in November.  Surveying and design for the repairs will begin fall of 2023 with the intent to bid a $2,500,000 project in FY 2024 and bid another $2,500,000 project in FY 2025.

Note:  This list of seventy-three street repairs is not an exhaustive list of street repair needs.  It does represent a list of priority needs throughout the community.  The estimated cost to repair all seventy-three street segments is $11,737,416.

Project Schedule:

  • Conduct a Community Survey:                        October 2023

  • Select the Final list of street repair priorities:  November 2023

  • Complete plans for FY 2024 Street repairs:     January 2024

  • Award a construction contract:                         February 2024

Project Funding:

Bonds will be financed through a combination of existing City Council priority funds and City general funds.

Street Repair Needs Survey:

Contact for Further Information:

Steven Rames
Public Works Director & City Engineer